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What Can I Win at an Online Casino?

For every newcomer, the question remains how much will I be able to win? Is it even possible to win in a computer programmed game? The answer is ‘Yes.’ And you don’t just win, you can win big.

Let us see the different kinds of best casino bonuses uk you can find at an online casino.

Online Casino Cash

Online Casino Cash

You can win a big cash amount in an online casino. Recently, Tracey W, who hails from Essex, made two wins in one single day at Playojo. She made a combined total of £41,129.55. She won £20,460.00 by playing Hansel & Gretel slot. And she then won £20,679.55 from a 50p bet in Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot. Obviously, there are smaller amounts to be won as well according to the bets you place and the time you spend on the game.

Online Casino Travel

Many online casinos offer sponsored trip as a winning option for the topmost winners, or for making a deposit or even to play within a specified period. The travel offers can be of any destination and any amount depending upon the casino. You can win a £5000 holiday to a destination of your choice, or a sponsored trip to the destination of casino’s choice like Los Angeles, New York, etc. Some casinos also give out ski trips as prizes.

Online Casino Travel

Online Casino Gadgets

Just like cash prizes, the casinos also give out gadgets as winnings. Depending upon the amount, you could win incredible gadgets like a laptop or a brand new iPhone X.

Online Casino Gadgets

Online Casino Cars

Online casinos sometimes hold special promotions throughout the year. Eg. Christmas. Such competitions can have a car as the winning prize. For example, PlayOJO holds a “Super Duper MINI Cooper: Christmas Edition Reel Spinoff” in December. The players need to register as the real money players on the online casino. The casino gives out one free ticket, but the players can buy more tickets. The player who has the highest tournament spins at the end of the promotion drives home a MINI Cooper.

Online Casino Prizes

Not just the prizes mentioned above, but the casinos give out other types of giveaways too. It could be anything like a bathtub from the TV commercial specially signed by the celebrity. These prizes, of course, are for those who top the leaderboard. But they are a huge payout. There are no limits to what an online Casino can enroll as a prize. Many casinos have weird offerings, but they are expensive stuff.

There is no limit winning at an online casino. The players just need to play and come back to the casino as often as they can. Keep an eye on the ongoing contest and promotions, and you can sure cash out a big win. Sometimes, the casinos also have an option of cash prizes instead of such prizes like a trip or a thing; however, the cash can be lesser than the cost price.

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